Estate and trust planning is a specialized practice which we are proud to offer at Faber LLP.

Our estate and trust services include the following

  • Estate planning to diminish income taxes and probate fees at death
  • Tax strategies using corporate-owned life insurance
  • Intra-family gifting and effective inter-generational tax deferral strategies
  • Pre- and post-mortem reorganizations to minimize risk of double taxation
  • Reviewing existing wills and advising on tax matters to update your will

Faber LLP’s experienced team will work with you to create a plan to safeguard your wealth, minimize tax liability and create security for you and your successors.

Why work with Faber LLP

Estate and trust planning is a difficult and at times emotional process that can take various forms.

The experts at Faber LLP can help you get your financial affairs in order today to ensure that the legacy you leave behind aligns with the vision you have for your business and your successors. We can also provide post-mortem planning services, working with executors to reduce the overall tax liability for your estate and beneficiaries.

Regardless of when we are brought into the process, our goal is to provide thoughtful and impartial financial guidance and address specific tax issues that may arise in the most efficient way possible. Our experts will work closely with you or the executor of your estate to reduce overall tax liability and lay a solid financial foundation for your successors.

If you’re looking for trust planning, estate planning and accounting services in Edmonton, get in touch with Faber LLP.

Benefits of estate & trust planning

Enlisting the professionals at Faber LLP to develop a solid estate and trust plan to meet your personal and business goals has several benefits including the following:

  • Peace of mind from knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled
  • Reduced likelihood that disgruntled claimants will interfere with your wishes
  • Protection for beneficiaries in need
  • Tax-efficient transfer of the control of your wealth
  • Expert advice to assist with the complexities of post-mortem planning

We look forward to providing our expertise and guidance in the complex process of safeguarding your business and family assets.