When restructuring your business or not-for-profit, it’s important to have an experienced accountant on your team who can guide you through the process. At Faber LLP, we’re accustomed to advising clients on the tax implications, opportunities and potential risks involved in a corporate reorganization.

You can trust our experienced CPAs to work closely with you and your team of advisors to determine the most tax-effective structure for your corporation given your current situation, short- and long-term goals and applicable tax laws.

Why work with Faber LLP

Canadian businesses and not-for-profits undertaking a corporate reorganization or restructuring need to comply with specific laws and requirements under Canada’s federal Income Tax Act.

We understand that Canada Revenue Agency’s laws and procedures can be daunting. You can be assured that our CPAs have the corporate restructuring experience to help you navigate these rules in the most tax-effective way.

Tax planning

Corporate reorganizations can result in significant tax savings for years to come.

At Faber LLP, we are always happy to revisit your corporation’s structure as part of your annual tax planning discussion.

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Reasons for reorganization

Corporate reorganizations can be driven by a number of needs and desired outcomes, including:

  • Changing organizational structure or business model
  • Making financial adjustments to assets and liabilities
  • Maximizing tax efficiency and minimizing potential tax risks
  • Creditor-proofing of personal or corporate assets
  • Adapting to legislative changes
  • Spinning off a subsidiary company
  • Merging with or acquiring another corporation
  • Increasing the perceived value of a business for sale
  • Maximizing the after-tax amount that owners receive on the sale of a business
  • Addressing multijurisdictional/cross-border tax issues
  • Improving competitive advantage

Whatever the factors motivating you to consider restructuring, Faber LLP has the insight and expertise to help you determine the best course of action for your corporation.