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Accounting terms you should probably know

Do you feel lost when your accountant is speaking? Have your eyes ever glazed over when your accountant or CPA is explaining something to you, while you pretend to follow along? Some people may have difficulty admitting that they don’t know … Read more

A Chartered Professional Accountants Firm Offering Tax Consultancy and Complete Accounting Services

Small and medium-sized business owners tend to undermine the importance of having an experienced accountant look over their financial transactions and accounting reports. Chartered Professional Accountants offer an array of services to entrepreneurs, including business tax advisory services and corporate finance.

An external accountant makes sure you optimize your financial resources so you can make solid profits and have enough capital to grow.

We’re an Edmonton-based accounting company that has worked with businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries in Alberta. We’re specialists in corporate finance and have an in-depth understanding of the tax code.

Under the guidance of our tax planning consultants, you’ll be able to take advantage of tax deductions and save money. Also, you can rest assured that filing mistakes and bookkeeping errors won’t cost you money in the form of penalties.

If you have a business in Edmonton, Alberta, and are searching for an accounting company, you can count on, get in touch with Faber LLP today. Our team of consultants will be happy to help you with all your accounting and finance needs.